Monday, December 6, 2010

Kegs to Keggles we go. Stage one of the 3 tier system build. Today: Kegs----->Keggles. Still to come, DIY false bottom (I'm going to use a stainless steel vegetable strainer), DIY weldless probe thermometer (not sure what I'll do for that), and a brew tree stand.
Weldless kit for $14. Parts needed: 1/2 inch nylon barb, 1/2 inch ball valve, 1/2 inch nut, and 1/2 inch CPVC to stainless converter nipple.
We put an adjustable hole bit in the tap for a pivot point.
Then we build a jig; this took a loooooooong time due to the OCDness of my buddy Paul.
Put the jig on the pivot point.
McClung decided to drink the leftover beer that was in the keg.

Cut the hole and polished the edges.
Set bit up to just under 3/4 inch.
Inserted the bit and twisted everything down
Flowing perfectly!

Rinse and Repeat three times.


  1. Dude your guys' weldless balljoint is sick. Have you tested it out? How is the seal?

  2. Works great! No leak whatsoever :)

  3. Did you use a gasket or o ring at all?