Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cran-Apple Cider

Haven't fermented anything in almost a month since I've been caught up in the 3 tier system and DIY projects. I was going through withdrawals :)
I have a bunch of the Spicy, Spice, Spice Cider left so this one is going to sit for a while.
Here's what I used:

4.5 gallons Tree Top Apple Juice
2 cans Cranberry Juice Concentrate
1 can Apple Juice Concentrate

Red Star Champagne Yeast

12-22-2010--I didn't want to use sugar this time, so I used the concentrate and that bumped up the gravity to 1.065 (juice alone is 1.049). Should be good. I'm might ad some cinnamon sticks to the secondary, but I'm not sure yet.
1-3-2011--I've kinda forgotten about this one since the Spicy Spice Spiced Cider isn't out yet. We were gone for the holidays and we shut off the heat in the house. It was like 40 degrees inside when we got back. The heats a' crank'n and fermentation is either continuing or restarting.
1-9-2011--Kegged. FG 1.009. I couldn't pick up the cranberry, but Emilie could.
1-19-2011--First glass poured tonight. Very similar to a cider without cranberry. There's a small tint of tartness, but mostly it's the dry sweetness of the apple and yeast. Next time I'll do an 80-20 apple to cranberry.

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