Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wee Heavey (Scottish Stong Ale)

brewbrother Chris' recipe with a Poor hop increase
14.60 lbs Pilsner
.25 lbs Crystal 70/80L
.25 Cara-Pils
.25 lbs Roasted Barley
.19 Special B
.06 Peat Smoked Malt

1.0++ Centennial @90
(recipe called for 1.0 oz of Northern Brewer, but I had this on hand)
.50 Brewers Gold @45
(recipe did not call for this)
.50 Fuggles @ 30
(recipe called for Willamette)

Yeast nutrient @ 15ish
Whirlfloc @15ish

16 quarts of base @165 (+ a tea kettle of boiling)
1 gallon grain absorption @ really hot
3 gal sparge @180ish

(first time using dry yeast)

4/24/2010--Brewed nearly by myself...with the help of a couple brewers assistants (Autry and Clarabelle). I had a connection problem with the inner'ds of my mash tun which made everything trickle out REALLY slowly. Also, I'm fairly certain I didn't get as much sugars out of the mash. I had to pick up Autry from a birthday party so I was rushing. Color looks good.
4/25/2010--Yeast took off right away. This dry yeast is supposed to be pretty good--powerful, no need to refrigerate, and CHEEEEP (as low at $1.50 at brewbrothers). Anyways, we'll see. I suppose it could be a "Not so strong" Scottish due to the temp not getting met.
5/6/2010--Still fermenting nicely, I'm thinking it'll be in the bucket for a while, as I don't have an open spot int he kegerator.
5/20/2010--I probably should do something with this as it's almost been a month. The beer just recently stopped bubbling and still have co2 pressure. Took a reading: 1.006ish. This should be good. That dry yeast is a freaking champ! Racked to keg to condition for a while.
6/19/2010--I've been drinking on this for a while now. I really like it. Big spicy taste with an alcoholic after taste (I guess I might have hit the mash temp after all). Great beer, thanks for the recipe Chris from brewbrothers!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eden Brewing Society

The first meeting of the Eden Brewing Society (EBS) to meet this Saturday at Crookshanks house of Pint Brothers Brewing. We're going to brew two brews, which I'll log, and of course....all are welcome :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poor Man's Dead Guy Ale

Recipe from Don Osborn via Zymurgy

10 lbs Rahr two row pale

2 lbs Munich 4.0L

1 lb Briess Caramel 15L


1 oz Perle 7.7% AA 60 min

.5 oz Saaz 3.7% AA 60 min

.5 oz Saaz 3.7% AA 10 min


Rogue PacMan yeast


Whirlfloc (crushed and tossed in at 15ish)

WEAST yeast nutrient (at 10)

Campden (in the water)


4/2/10: Really smooth brew day, although I was mostly by myself. Ed did come over, but stayed long enough to see the mash. He suggested that I was doing a Dead Guy Ale as it was Good Friday, but that hadn't crossed my mind. Hit my mark of 1.056. The color was dead (huh huh) on. Fermented right away.

4/3/10: Fermenting nicely...I sure love that Pacman stuff.

4/14/10: Kegged. FG was around 1.010ish (my hydrometer is off, I took a reading of pure water at 1.008 and it should be at 1.000)

4/23/2010: Side by side comparison.....
Rogue-Spicy mouth feel, smooth drinking, and REALLY good.

Poorhouse-Sweet, smooth drinking, and pretty good.