Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wee Heavey (Scottish Stong Ale)

brewbrother Chris' recipe with a Poor hop increase
14.60 lbs Pilsner
.25 lbs Crystal 70/80L
.25 Cara-Pils
.25 lbs Roasted Barley
.19 Special B
.06 Peat Smoked Malt

1.0++ Centennial @90
(recipe called for 1.0 oz of Northern Brewer, but I had this on hand)
.50 Brewers Gold @45
(recipe did not call for this)
.50 Fuggles @ 30
(recipe called for Willamette)

Yeast nutrient @ 15ish
Whirlfloc @15ish

16 quarts of base @165 (+ a tea kettle of boiling)
1 gallon grain absorption @ really hot
3 gal sparge @180ish

(first time using dry yeast)

4/24/2010--Brewed nearly by myself...with the help of a couple brewers assistants (Autry and Clarabelle). I had a connection problem with the inner'ds of my mash tun which made everything trickle out REALLY slowly. Also, I'm fairly certain I didn't get as much sugars out of the mash. I had to pick up Autry from a birthday party so I was rushing. Color looks good.
4/25/2010--Yeast took off right away. This dry yeast is supposed to be pretty good--powerful, no need to refrigerate, and CHEEEEP (as low at $1.50 at brewbrothers). Anyways, we'll see. I suppose it could be a "Not so strong" Scottish due to the temp not getting met.
5/6/2010--Still fermenting nicely, I'm thinking it'll be in the bucket for a while, as I don't have an open spot int he kegerator.
5/20/2010--I probably should do something with this as it's almost been a month. The beer just recently stopped bubbling and still have co2 pressure. Took a reading: 1.006ish. This should be good. That dry yeast is a freaking champ! Racked to keg to condition for a while.
6/19/2010--I've been drinking on this for a while now. I really like it. Big spicy taste with an alcoholic after taste (I guess I might have hit the mash temp after all). Great beer, thanks for the recipe Chris from brewbrothers!

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