Thursday, December 23, 2010

Professional Brewer???

So...I found a dude on craigslist (named Gord who, by the way, has a totally righteous separatist beard) that wants to trade me a 28 pound, organic turkey for 5 gallons of the Shakespeare clone I make. Here's the question: If being pro means you get paid for it...does that count yummy, yummy turkey?
Anyhoo, here's the recipe.

11 lbs 2-row pale
.5 lbs 120L Crystal
.5 lbs chocolate
1 lbs flaked oats
6 oz Roast Barley

2 oz Cascade @ 60
1 oz Cascade @ 30
.5 Cascade @ 2

Rogue's PacMan yeast

1.25 quarts per pound of grain

1-2-2011--First brew with my new system.
Went well enough, but not without a hitch. My new banjo burner didn't work for some reason, the wort chiller sprung a leak, and the thermometer in the HLT is about a gallon too high; all that being said though, I'm LOVING three tier brewing! It took a ton less time and I got amazing efficiency.
1-6-2011--Looks like it's about finished fermenting. FG 1.19 which is a little higher than I was thinking it'd get to, but the OG was a lot higher as well. Tasted really nice. Chocolaty, alcoholic burn at the end, with a hoppiness that I wasn't expecting (unfiltered pellets).
1-8-2011--Farmer Gords on his way over today. Sad.

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  1. The question here is, do you have to pluck it and gut it yourself?