Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Racer 5 Clone 1.2

Which one's which?

It's funny. If you google "Racer 5 Clone" my post is the 3rd hit on the list. That means a crap load of people have seen my first attempt at a Racer 5 clone. Also, when I look at how people have come to see my blog, most of the time it's through searching for a Racer 5 Clone. It's funny because my first attempt at a Racer 5 clone kinda sucked. I think it was my 3rd or 4th attempt at all grain brewing, and I was drinking a bunch when I brewed it. Plus, now that I'm soooo experienced (I'm such a dork) I feel I owe it to the blogasphere to try again.
This is a 10 gallon batch. Half for me and half for a friend.
22.5 lbs GW 2-row
3.2 lbs Red Wheat
1.26 lbs GW Crystal 15
0.5 lbs Briess Carapills

3 oz Chinook @ 90 min
3.5 oz Cascade @ 60
0.6 oz Galena dry hopped 10 days
0.6 oz Chinook dry hopped 10 days
0.6 oz Cascade dry hopped 10 days
0.6 oz Simcoe dry hopped 10 days

10.3 gallons strike @170
Collected 6.25 gallons
5.7 gallons sparge @ 185
Collected 5.5 gallons

WLP051 California V Ale in 5 gallons
Wyeast 1968 London ESB in 5 gallons

Whirfloc @20
Yeast nutrient @20

6-15-2011--The recipe from BYO calls for 1 oz of chinook @ 90 and 3 oz of cascade @ 60, but that only gives you an IBU of 48. I upped both because Bear Republic's website says the IBU is 75+. Finished with 5 gallons in one fermenter, 4.3 in the other due to a semi stuck mash. Very aggressive boil. Gravity at 1.072
6-27-2011--Kegged mine and bottled Ben's. My FG was a right on target 1.020 using the Cali V yeast, Ben's was 1.010 using the London ESB. Crazy.
6-29-2011--Did a side-by-side taste testing (see pic). Appearance: Mine's a little cloudier (first pint?) and a little darker (red wheat instead of regular wheat?). Aroma: Both smell wonderful, almost identical. Taste: Mine's a little more bitter, but that'll calm down in a couple days (again first pint). Overall, mine is really similar. I'm glad I upped the 90min and 60 min hop addition; I think BYO is definitely wrong. When I do it again, I'll go a tad less on those hop additions, but not much less. Great beer!

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