Friday, June 17, 2011

PoorHaus Dopplebock

I've wanted to do a bock forevs, but I never wanted to pony up for the German grain or buy a new yeast. I currently have like 80lbs of 2row on my ledger, so I decided to do an German/American Bock. But...why do a bock, when you can do dopplebock? I mean, there's really only two things better than beer: more beer, and beer that's higher in alcohol percentage. Now I know you'll probably throw the whole "hanging out with your wife" or "seeing your kids grow up" or something like that back in my face, but come on. This is beer we're talking about. Big, bold, two-pints-will-make-you-more-tipsy-than-is-Godly, German BEER!
14 lbs GW 2-row
1.75 lbs GW Munich 10L
1.75 lbs GW Pilsen
1 lbs GW Vienna
.25 Crisp Pale Chocolate

0.5 oz Tettnanger @60
0.5 oz Saaz @0

WhiteLabs 833 German Bock Lager starter made around 18 hours prior

6.7 gallons @170
Collected 4.2 gallons
2.3 gallons @197
Collected 2.6 gallons

Whirfloc tablet @20
Yeast Nutrient @20
0.5 lbs Rice Hulls

6-17-2011--I usually cool the yeast starter in the freezer, well last night I forgot it was in there and fell asleep. I'll let the yeast propagate before I pitch. Maybe tomorrow. Ended with just about 6 gallons of 1.074 wort.
6-28-2011--Gravity down to 1.029. A week or two more.
7-2-2011--Kegged. I'll "lager" until a tap opens up. Man, lagar yeast STINKS!
7-11-2011--Took my first half pint. Tastes really German-yeast-fruity.

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