Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jockey Box Build (and use)

Camping season in upon us my friends. And what is camping without beer? More than that, what is camping if you have to bring a crap load of growlers or bottles? Even more than that, who wants to bring a keg of homebrew and drink it warm? Not me.
The answer? Jockey Box.
The essential premise is kinda like a counter flow chiller, but colder. Beer goes in warm and comes out cold. And again, I don't actually want to spend good money on things like this. Dude, 350 bucks for that? I set out to spend less than $10. The picnic tap was $4 and the quick release was $5.95, so I had to call on some friends for the rest of the stuff :) My buddy Jon had an extra cooler and my buddy Andy had the coil. Throw in some spare line and BAM!,!, camping bliss.
Here's the finish product and a picture of it in action. 

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