Monday, May 9, 2011

Breakfast in a Bottle

Brewed this National Homebrew Day aka Big Brew at Brew Brothers. I wanted to do something crazy so I thought about all my favorite breakfast foods and I put them on the recipe. It was an absolute blast hanging out and brewing with everyone. Everyone had a different system, which was nice because everyone had something to envy.

12 lbs GW 2-row pale
.75 lbs GW 120L Crystal
.5 lbs Maltextro chocolate
1 lbs Roast Barley

(this is where it gets interesting)
3 home made waffles
1 Box of Trader Joes High Fiber Os
1 lbs flaked oats
1.5 oz Grade A Maple Syrup @0

1.5 oz Cascade @60
1.3 oz Cascade @20
1.5 oz Cascade @0

Yeast Nutrient @20
1/2 lbs of Maple Cured Pork Bacon in secondary

5.5 gallons at 165
Collected just under 3 gallons
3.5 gallons of triple batch sparge at 190 (down from 212, oops)
Collected 3.25 gallons

5-7-2011--Everything went well enough. When you brew with this many people (all with lots of beer samples on hand) you tend to forget some stuff. I boiled my sparge water and boiled for a lot longer than I should have. Oh well. I'll ferment for a week or so, and then I'll toss in the bacon!

5-14-2011--Gravity only down to 1.035. Tons of muck and sludge.
5-20-2011--Down to 1.023 I think it's finished. Really, really dry stout (waffles?) and a hint of oatmeal at the end. I'm gonna have my personal chef (wife) cook me up some bacon and I'll toss it in secondary.
5-28-2011--Kegged. Still at 1.020ish. The bacon grease was a little nasty looking.
7-1-2011--I've been waiting to let the taste on this settle. The plan is to drink the rest of the Malt My Face Off, then let this be the stout I have on hand. 
7-7-2011--This beer's getting really good.

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