Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Sky Brewing Moose Drool Clone (from Jamil)

I'm not a big fan of brown ales. I used to really like New Castle and Moose Drool was one of my first favorite beers. I'm not that into Newkies any longer, but I still love me some Moose Drool. I got this recipe from Jamil of Brew Your Own. Only thing I changed was I substituted Tettnanger for Liberty since brewbrothers didn't have it. Most of this batch is for the Brawleys, but I'm going to keep 4 or 5 bottles worth.
Grain (anticipated OG of 1.052)
10.8 lbs GW 2-Row
5.5 oz Maltextro Chocolate Malt
1.25 lbs GW Crystal 75-80ÂșL
0.5 oz Maltextro Black Malt

Hops: (21 IBU)
1.4 oz EKG whole leaf 60min
0.6 oz Willamette pellet 10 min (of the full pound given to me by my buddy Scott)
0.6 oz 
Tettnanger whole leaf 3 min (also from Scott)

Wyeast 1968 London ESB

Whirfloc @20
Yeast Nutrient @20

4.7 gallons strike @170
Collected 3 gallons
4.7 gallons triple batch sparge @180
Collected 4.5 gallons

4-23-2011--Boiled for 90 minutes and ended up with around 5.5 gallons of 1.053 wort. Strike water temp was too high. I've been doing that lately, I don't think I lose as much heat in transferring from my HLT to my MLT as I originally believed. I'm going to start striking at around 163 and see how that goes.
While brewing this sketchy dude saw what I was doign and rode his fixy up to my garage. Quite frequently I'll have neighbors or passers by come up and ask me what I'm doing, holler something from their car, or wave. This guy came up to my front door while we were eating dinner and I was mashing and proceeded to let me know that he has cornys for sale. He said he "gets" free from work and that he "gets" around 30 a month. Anyway, he wanted to sell them to me for $30 a pop and he said he had like 40 in his garage. I offered him some suuuuper low ball offer for all 40, but he declined. Oh well.
4-27-2011--Gravity down to 1.024.
5-3-2011--Had a pint the other day at Brawley's house. It's good. Smooth and brown ale-y. I'm not sure I'm a big fan of brown ales, but it's good.

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