Friday, April 8, 2011

Gargoyle Smoked Ale

I went to brewbrothers looking for a beer to make and after thumbing through a couple magazines and books for around an hour, I came across this one. The recipe calls for 8 different grains which usually means there wont be a distinctly recognizable flavor, but I'm hoping the smoked malt comes through really well.

11 lbs GW 2-row
1 lbs GW Crystal 75
1 lbs Briess CaraPils
1 lbs Weyermann Smoked Malt
1 lbs Briess Carmel Munich 60
1 lbs Castle Biscuit
0.25 lbs Castle Special B
0.25 lbs Baird's Roasted Barley

2 oz Hallertauer @60
2 oz Hallertauer @2

Safale S-04 European Ale Yeast

Whirfloc Tablet @10
Wyeast Yeast Nutrient @10

6.2 gallons @168
Collected 3.25
2.6 gallons (single) batch sparge @190
Collected 2.75

4-8-2011--I forgot to do the double or triple batch sparge but I've been wanting to do a single to see if the extra batch sparges help at all. Pre boil gravity was 1.040 but I can't adjust it anymore because I melted my digital thermometer when Emilie and I made the belgian candi...I also don't know what the post boil gravity is because I forgot to take one. Oh well.
4-15-2011--Gravity down to 1.020. I wouldn't say there's a smokey taste more than nutty. Rich, full and deep amber color. We'll see how it tastes carbed.
4-22-2011--Still at 1.020, I'll keg this weekend.
4-23-2011--Kegged. I'm trying a new kegging procedure. I've always just hooked up the keg to my pouring PSI, which is 15, and waited the 3 weeks for it to fully carb. I was told you can fully carb a beer by rolling it around while under pressure. I rolled this around my garage for 5-10 minutes while I was brewing. We'll see. I'll check tomorrow.
5-19-2011--Had a pint last night. I like it; however, I don't pick up the smokiness as much as I would have hoped.

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