Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Training IPA (Ninkasi Total Domination IPA Clone)

A very full boil
A beer to kick off the Dodgers Spring Training! A ten gallon batch I brewed with Scott; five are for me and the other five are for two friends Erik and Jeremy. This recipe is supposed to be close to a Ninkasi Total Domination IPA (65 ibu and 6.7%). I read somewhere that some dude went down there and talked to the brewer about what hops he uses, I guess he said Summit, Amarillo, and Crystal. Also that they use Wyeast 1968 yeast. Here's what I'm trying:


Grain: Targeted OG/FG/ABV 1.064/1.023/6.7 
25lbs 2-row
4lbs Cyrstal 15
3lbs Munich

Hops: IBU-66
2.5 oz Summit @60 (I really did 2 oz Summit and a half oz of Nugget)
2 oz Amarillo @30
2 oz Crystal @2

Wyeast London ESB 1968, a 32 oz starter made a day prior

12 Gallons strike @ 170
Collected around 6 gallons
5.7 Gallons of (double batch) sparge @ 185
Collected around 5.3 or 5.4 gallons

Wirflock @2
Yeast Nutrient @2

2-26-2011--Forgot to do a pre-boil gravity. There was a LOT of wort. I almost filled the keggle. Post boil gravity was 1.062. Ninkasi's website has the Total Domination OG at 1.064 so I'd say i'm off to a good start. To hit the correct ABV I need this to get down to 1.012, so we'll see.
3-1-2011-Gravity down to 1.020.
3-6-2011--Both batches gravities are still at 1.020, I think it's fermented out. I must have the grain bill wrong if Ninkasi gets theirs to under 1.015. I bottled Erik and Jeremy's 5 gallons and I kegged mine. Since I adjusted the batch to be 11 gallons instead of 10, I ended up with a couple growlers full as well. I put three teaspoons of priming sugar and will try to condition in the growler.
4-3-2011--A good beer. I think Erik and Jeremy like it more than I do. It's kind of sweet with a small, small amount of bitterness. Emilie really likes it. I have a hard time calling it a IPA, but who cares about the stupid style descriptions anyways?


  1. I'm going to come over and start pilfering this one growler at a time until opening day comes and it's empty. hahahahahahahahha

  2. I got an FG of 1.020 as well. The 1968 strain doesn't attenuate that low. The beer is very clear though!

    Here is what I went with:

    You might try adding CaraHell instead of the Crystal 15.

  3. They don't use any crystal in the Total Domination, they were just ona brewing network podcast and said so. I am going to listen to it again and see if I can come up with a decent clone.