Thursday, February 3, 2011

Remember When Crap was a Bad Word Imperial Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Stout

I was having a brain storming session with Scott (Bean Bot Brew) about a new name for an IPA he was making. I came up with some real gems, or so I thought. "Remember When Crap was a Bad Word" seemed appropriate enough for my new flavor sensation stout. I'm taking a Founders recipe from BYO and modifying it a bit and doubling it since five gallons are for me and five I'm taking to the Eden Man Night. I need it to be ready in two weeks, so I'm hoping fermentation and carbonation go quickly.

25lbs 2-row
1.5lbs Chocolate
1lbs Crystal 120
1lbs Black Patent
0.26lbs Roasted Barley
2.2lbs Flaked Oats

2 oz Nugget @60
1 oz Cascade @25
1 oz Cascade @0

11 gallons strike @ 170
Collected just under 7 gallons of first runnings
5 gallons (quadruple batch) sparge @ 190
Collected just under 5 gallons of second runnings

2 quart Pacman Yeast Slurry split into two 5 gallon batches

3 oz Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate liquified in a couple ounces of wort @2
4 oz Bold Coffee @2
4 oz Mild Coffee Dry Hopped in keg

Blackest of black wort
2-4-2011--Believe it or not; nothing went wrong on this glorious brew day. No leaks, no spills, no forgetting to install anything, nothing but smooth sailing for around 5 hours. I took off from work early so I got a quick jump today; I started around 2 pm and finished cleaning up around 7:30. I collected 5 gallons on the nose in both buckets. Really, really black wort with a pre boil gravity of 1.050+, post boil 1.070+ and a heavy coffee taste. I couldn't pick up on the chocolate, but I'm stoked on that, I was hoping it would be subtle. I'm looking for an FG of 1.017, but I'd take anything under 1.023 since it needs to be done fermenting in 4 days minimum so I can have it all carbed and ready for the Eden Man Night on the 18th. I enjoyed three wonderful birthday beers tonight: Anderson Valley Winter Solstice, Hair of the Dog Fred, and Alameda Brewing Yellow Wold IPA. All three were really good.
Coffee and chocolate ready for the boil
2-5-2011--One of the batches started to bubble within an hour the other hasn't started yet.
2-6-2-11--Checked the gravity on the one that hasn't started bubbling, 1.035. I guess fermentation's going fine.
2-7-2011--Kegged one of the 5 gallons with a final gravity of 1.018 which gives it an ABV of 7.1%. I'm pleased with that; however, I sort of wish I would have beefed it up a bit and gotten an ABV of 8-9%. I think beers with this much flavor should be balanced with a higher gravity. Oh well. I have 11 days for it to carb and be ready for the man night. I think it'll be just fine. I'll probably taste it before, although it would be pretty cool to have the first taste be with 35 of my buddies.
2-12-2011--Kegged the second 5 gallons, same final gravity. Big, big coffee taste with a balanced malty chocolaty finish. I really like it. The coffee taste is really prominent so I think I'm going to skip the dry hopped coffee.
2-13-2011--The first 5 gallons is carbed and ready. The first pint was mostly yeasty-coffeey-chocolatey grossness and uber foamy. I popped the seal and released the excess co2 and poured a second pint which was wonderful. I'm digging it big time.
I previewed a growler at Community Group tonight to grand success. I think I'll stay put on the coffee.
2-18-2011--The beer was warmly received to some shining reviews at man night. Good thing I have another 5 gallons to enjoy.

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  1. You said I would have to wait for man night to find out if it was good...liar.