Friday, February 11, 2011

Cheerilee Wee Heavy

St. Patty's day is right around the corner, so I figure I'd brew up a Wee Heavy (Scottish, I know) to go along with my wife's world famous corn beef and cabbage. I'm planning on bottling this unless a keg miraculously opens up. I asked Clarabelle to give me a name for the beer, she first answered, "Block Tree." I certainly liked the name, but I asked her to give me another. Her second try was "Cheerilee." For those of you not familiar with the world of My Little Poney, you're not going to get it; for those of you that are, you'll know that Cheerilee is the older sister of Scootaloo which, of course, makes Clarabelle Cheerilee and Adelaide Scootaloo. I supposed that's what you get when you ask a 3 year old to name a beer.


15 lbs 2-row
.30 Special B
.30 Roasted Barley
.25 Crystal 60
.25 Carapils
.15 Peated Malt

1 oz Centennial @60
.50 oz  Northern Brewer @5

6 gallons of strike @ 165
Collected 3.25 gallons
2.7 gallon (tripple) batch sparged @190
Collected 2.9 gallons

Safale-04 British

Priming Sugar:
3/4+ cup of liquified dextrose

Whirflock @5
Wyeast Nutrient @5

I collected a total of 6.15 gallons of 1.060 (pre boiled) wort and I collected 4.8 gallons post boil at 1.070. Brewing went really smoothly, but next time I'll up the sparge. I think I'm going to start calculating for 5.5 gallon batches so I wont be under anymore.
2-19-2011--I'm pretty sure it's finished fermenting and a keg opened up, but I'm out of CO2 so there's no reason to keg quite yet. I still may bottle, not sure yet.
2-21-2011--Cold crashed 4.6 gallons of 1.016 and racked to bottling bucket for more cold crash. I bottled 43 bottles with 1 gram of yeast per bottle to the bottling bucket to aid in carbonation.
4-1-2011--I've had a couple of these now. The first was really, really, REALLY peat malty which isn't the best flavor in the world. It's calmed down a bunch since then and I like it. It's certainly not a daily drinker, or a session beer, but it's good.

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