Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elderberry Beer

It's not what you think, I haven't decided to make fruity girl beers. I did; however, make another Pliny but this time for my Pastor (elder) Dave Berry. I have farmed out my services (at cost) to friends. I've already filled up the next three weekends brewing for buddies. I must really like to brew. Everything went fine--Andy came over an we finished in record time (3:45). Same recipe as before, but this time I strained the hops better so I ended up with 5.5 gallons in the fermenter.


 14 lbs two row
.6 lbs Crystal 50
.6 lbs Carapils 

3.5 oz Millennium @ 90 min
.5 oz  Millennium @ 45 min
1 oz Nugget @ 30 min
2 oz Nugget @ 0 min
1 oz Chinook @ 0 min
1 oz Millennium dry hop after 6 days
1 oz Chinook dry hop after 6 days
1 oz Nugget dry hop after 6 days
Safale 05

 1 lbs dextrose (calls for .75 lbs)

6 gallons of 165
Collected 4 gallons
3.5 gallons of triple batch sparged 180
Collected 3.5 gallons (it must have been more like 4)

Wirflock @0
Yeast Nutrient @0

2-19-2011--Pre boil adjusted gravity 1.067. Post boil gravity was 1.07+ Same as before. I'm interested to see what the different yeast will do.
2-26-2011--Down to 1.012, perfect. Racked to (a short) secondary and simultaneously cold crashed.
3-1-2-11--Bottled and ready to send off.

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  1. you must have had some good help to brew that quickly while watching your kids...