Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rye Ale Redo

Back in July, Scott and I brewed a rye ale that was supposed to be 10 gallons of a rye IPA, but we forgot to double the hops from a 5 gallons recipe...anyhoo, I wasn't too fond of it and I didn't want it to sit in a keg forevs so I bottled 2 gallons of it and soured the other 2-3 gallons. I pitched a wyeast pack of 3278, Lambic Blend and I'm gonna sit on it for 4-6 months.
I tossed in the yeast around 2 weeks ago, so I'll start the notes then.

9-30-2011--Pitched yeast
10-9-2011--Tons of lambic "spiders webs" yeasty beasties building up. I took a sample, not very sour yet.

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