Wednesday, October 5, 2011

$9 Ale

I haven't brewed since the big 50 gallon brew weekend because I haven't had any kegs open. I'm calling this $9 ale because I used my home grown hops. I'm not really sure how hoppy it's going to be--they say wet hops are 5 times heavier then dried. I tried to dry them, but it didn't work very well. By the way, Poor Blend are the hops that, when I was trying to dry them, blew all over my yard. it is.

12 lbs GW 2-row
1 lbs GW Crystal 80
1 lbs GW Munich
1 lbs Briess Red Wheat

2.5 oz  (semi-wet) Poor Blend @60
5 oz (semi-wet) Cascade @15
5 oz (semi-wet) Brewer's Gold @0

Cap full of yeast nutrient @0

4 gallons of strike @ 165--> 158-->153
Collected 3.25 gallons
4 gallons of sparge @172
Collected 1 gallon off the top
Recirculated the rest for 10 minutes
Collected just under 3 gallons

Wyeast 1968 London ESB

10-1-2011--Pretty aggressive boil since I stated with 7 and a quarter gallons, still ended with over 5.5 gallons. Good brew day. I need to nail down my re-circulation process. Right now it's pretty janky and takes a lot of my attention. I'm going to try and get some quick disconnects, but they're kinda spendy.
10-4-2011--Krausen explosion!

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