Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fresno Lager

It's getting cold out side which means....lager time. I scored 10 lbs of cascade (my favorite hop) so I decided to dry hop the crap out of this lager. We'll see. I'm using a new (to me) yeast, California Lager, and I'm naming this one after my birthplace. I'm going to probably rack this a couple times to insure clarity.


12 lbs GW 2-row
0.75 lbs GW Crystal 60 (I meant to get 40, but I grabbed the wrong one)

1.3 oz Nugget @60
1 oz Cascade @0
5 oz Cascade Dry Hopped in fermenter for 14-21 days

4 gallons strike @165
Collected just over 2 gallons
4 gallons sparge--2 for 10 minutes and dumped into the kettle, 2 recirculated for 15ish minutes.
Collected another 3.75 gallons

Wyeast California Lager 2112

Yeast Nutrient @ 15


10-8-2011--Built a new sparge system (see pic) and it worked great! I also picked up another pump at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $3.75! It can handle liquid up to 190* so I'm going to use it for the recirculated and my Chugger for cooling. Ended up with about 4.75 gallons of 1.062 wort.

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  1. Hey, the CA Lager yeast means you can lager at ale temps. For optimum fermentation it is to be fermented between 58 and 65. I hear 60-63 is the best.