Friday, August 31, 2012

Elysian The Wise ESB Clone

Just had this beer for the first time the other night and liked it (liked it enough to brew 10 gallons of it!)
Emilie and I got a pitcher of The Wise, but it ended up being less malty for her tastes; as a result, I had to attempt to take down the whole pitcher. I got close, but failed.

21lbs GW Pale Malt
2lbs GW Crystal 80
2lbs GW Munich 20
1/2lbs Wyermans
4 oz Bairds Special B

1.4 oz Chinook @90
1 oz Cascade @2
1 oz Centennial @2
1 oz Cascade @0
1 oz Centennial @0

Wyeast 1056

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