Saturday, September 8, 2012

Naked Gold IPA

Most IPAs I do have the same basic grain bill: 10ish lbs of base malt, some British or germon base malt, some crystal, and then something different. This time I'm tossing in a pound of golden naked caracrytstal oats (hence the name). I also bought some palisades and falconer flight 7Cs hops. I'm not sure how those are going to go together but they're both NWie aromatic hops so they should complement each other well.
I picked up a couple different yeasts I've not used yet and am going to do 5 gallons with one and 5 with the other.

Ingredients (10 gallons)
22lbs GW NW Pale Malt
4lbs GW Munich (20L)
2lbs Wyermans Carahell
1lbs Simpsons Golden Naked Caracrytstal Oats

3 oz CTZ @60
2 oz Chinook @40
2 oz Falconer Flight @15
2 oz Palisades @5

White labs 008 East Coast Ale Yeast
Wyeast 1882 Thames Valley II Yeast

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