Monday, January 30, 2012

Biscuit ESB

I went to a new brewery a couple of months ago called Coalition Brewing, they have a really good ESB that has a lot of biscuit in it. I really liked it and I wanted to try To make it myself, the brewery is really nice about letting you have their recipes but I wanted to try it myself.
I think I got the grains pretty close but the hops were a complete guess. I use the rest of my fresh hop cascade so don't freak out when or if you read this and you see a lot of hops at the end.

9 lbs gw 2row
2.5 lbs biscuit
1 lbs gw red wheat
0.5 lbs gw crystal 60

1.1 CTZ @60
15 oz cascade

Safale 04

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  1. Holy Cow! almost a pound of cascade! Are you crazy!