Friday, February 5, 2010

Pennyless Porter errrrrrrr Brown Ale

Pennyless Porter errrrrrrr Brown Ale

5.40 lbs Light LME
1.00 lbs Crystal 10L
.25 lbs Chocolate
.23 lbs Black Malt

8 oz coffee liquid infused into the boil

.50 oz Goldings @ 60
.50 oz Goldings @ 10
.50 oz Goldings @ 0

WLP011 Yeast starter made two days prior

1/12/2010 Went well enough for my first time :) Pitched the whole yeast starter, which wasn't advised. Oh well. Smelled great. Gravity at 1.052 (slightly higher than should be)
1/15/2010 Fermentation seems to have stopped
1/16/2010 Yeah, def. stopped.
1/17/2010 Kegged. FG 1.00ish (supposed to be 1.012)
1/18/2010 I don't like it much. Really light, doesn't taste like a porter at name...Brown Ale :)
1/20/2010 Much better. Tastes like a good brown ale, strong alcohol smell, and coffee notes. I actually can't taste the coffee, but Tara's pallet can :)

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