Friday, February 5, 2010

Impoverished Belgian Tripel

15 lbs Pilsner 2-row

.5o Cascade @ 90
.25 Magnum @ 90
(should have been 1.oo oz of Goldings, but shuts down early on Saturdays)
1.00 Saaz @ 15
1.00 Corriander Seed crushed
1.00 Saaz @ 5
2 lbs Dand/Light corn syrup

Yeast: Trappist High Gravity WYEAST 3787

2/6/10 (MY BIRTHDAY) Brewed with Mark and Ian of Pint Brothers Brewing. All the equipment worked well; I'm glad I redid the mash tun.
Brewed and watched the fights (Randy and Chael won). Good times at the PoorHouse; however, things got a little hairy with all the homebrews being shared!
Couldn't take a reading because I broke my hydrometer. Should have been around 1.085...I'll check it tomorrow.
2/7/10 Fermenting nicely. Strong candy smell. Took a reading, 1.075ish so I probably am right on target. I drank the sample; strong candy and floral aroma. Suuuuuuper sweet, but then again I did put 2 lbs of sugar in it.
2/16/10: Took a reading...1.036. Dropped around 0.05 in 10 days, 0.03 left. The goal is to have it condition for 3 months in a corny keg, but man alive, this stuff tastes good. Most of the sweetness from the sugar is gone. Still has a syrupy sweet taste, but really good. I'm super excited about this one.
2/20/10: Racked to secondary :)
2/23/10: 1.030 nice and steady. Not going to take another reading for another month. Tastes good--bananas and fruit.
3/10/10: Still 1.030...I tossed in some of the Pacman slurry I had left. I'll give it a couple days, then I'm going to keg it regardless.
3/17/10: For the love of Pete...still at 1.030. I'm going ahead and taking this as a sign that 10% beers are not a good idea :). Racked to keg to sit for "3" months (quotes are do to the near impossibility that I let this stuff sit for 3 months).
5/5/10: Boy-o-boy, this stuff is good. Banana taste still there, but less sweet. Strong alcoholic aftertaste with a nice finish. Really nice beer (if I do say so myself).
6/12/10: I've been trying to drink the rest of this stuff so I could keg my Creepy Crawler, but the Impoverished ain't giv'n up :] My goal is to down the rest of it today....we'll see.

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