Friday, February 5, 2010

Poor Style Rogue Shakespeare Stout Clone


11 lbs Rahr 2-row pale
.5 lbs Briess 120L Crystal
.5 lbs Simpson chocolate 412L
1 lbs flaked oats
6 oz Roast Barley 550L (up from 3oz as recommended by Don Osborne)

2 oz Cascade @ 60
1 oz Cascade @ 30
.5 Cascade @ 2

White Labs yeast nutrient @ 7

Dead Guy Pacman yeast


2/2/2010: Mash tun worked well enough, although it leaked a little.

I need to fix the seal. I made a big mess during vorlauf....oh well. Mashed for 60 min at 160ish. Initially mash water was at like 145, boiling water fixed that. Stupid yeast smack pack didn't pulge, I'm a little worried...about 3 pints of homebrew fixed that :)
2/3/2010: Fermenting fine. I can't wait to drink it!
2/6/2010: Happy Birthday to me!
Kegged the stout, got the 1.014 I was looking for. mark says, "Awesome brew, Randy Poor." Still flat, but I'm happy with it so far. I can really taste the outmeal.
I'm supper happy with this Pacman yeast; this beer fermented from 1.062 to 1.014 in four days. I grabbed a slurry of it, there was a HUGE cake to take from.
2/7/2010: Force carbed, but not quite done yet. Coffee notes in the beginning, dry alcoholic-mahogany taste at the end. Good beer.
2/12/2010: Been drinking it for a week...really close to the original!

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