Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taking a Break from Home Brew

I'm giving up drinking home brew for lent. A couple years ago I read a wonderful book by CJ Mahaney called The Idol Factory, the premis of which is that our hearts are unquenchable fires that can never be satisfied with anything but God. It was a wonderfully convicting book. It forced me to examine my heart to identify anything that is taking the place of God; namely, anything for which I am seeking out to receive pleasure from. Since God is the single greatest source of pleasure, we should only find joy in things when we are doing it for the Glory of the Lord. Drinking is not a sin, but if I drink to the glory of Randy or to beer, it is.
Anyways, I'm giving up drinking home brew, but I'm not giving up brewing (I'm also not giving up drinking beer, just home brew). I've got two more batch orders and more on the way. I might take this time to brew beers for myself that need a long time to condition or lager.


  1. So since you're drinking commercial beer still...rejoice unto the Lord with some Hop Stoopid from Lagunitas. You won't be sorry, but rather glad in the joy it will bring to your heart while enjoying the harvest of God's good creation.

  2. Agreed, Hop Stoopid is delicious! Is that one made with Hop Extract or am I thinking of a different brew?

  3. I think Hop Stoopid has hop extract. It's like the Lagunitas IPA, only more hoppy. Keeps a good malt flavor with higher IBU's...a good match.

  4. HEY!
    Keep your conversations off my blog!!!! :)