Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spicy Spice Spiced Cider

5 gallons Tree Top Apple Juice
2.25 lbs Brown Sugar
3 TBL Cinnamon
2 TBL Cloves
1 lbs Whole Cranberries

Champagne Yeast

11-13-2010--Emilie did this one mostly herself. I think we may add more spice and more cranberries to secondary if they don't show up as big as we wanted. Pretty excited about this :)
11-16-2010--Keeps plugging away. I'm hoping to rack to secondary this weekend.
11-22-2010--Kegged. Probably could have let it go longer, but I'm impatient when I have an open keg. UPDATE-changed my mind and racked to secondary
11-27-2010--Kegged (again)
12-6-2010--Really good. Sweet and potent. Really, really good.


  1. If I could only get my hands on 5 gallons of Tree Top Apple Juice and some cranberries in Western China! This sounds amazing!

    ...joEL in China.