Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Red Cent Imperial NW Red

First 10 gallon batch! Also, first use of Brew Brothers' grain ledger. They're letting me store my 50lbs bag of 2-row there and take it as I go. The cost breakdown is roughly $0.58 a lbs which is pretty freaking awesome.
Big twist on the last time I brewed this, first of all it's a 10 gallon batch that Scott and I are splitting, we're upping the base grain from 9 to 12, we're also going a little crazy on the hops, and we rounded out and changed the chocolate. Should be quite nice.

23 lbs 2-row
4 lbs Light Munich
1 lbs Crystal 30
1 lbs Crystal 50-60
1 lbs Crystal 120
0.5 lbs Pale Chocolate

2 oz Millennium @60
2 oz Nugget @30
1 oz Cascade @10
1 oz Cascade @0

Wyeast Irish Ale 1084 in a 1 quart starter made about 20 hours earlier

12 gallons strike at 175 for 60 min (I would have done 170, but Scott said 175 would be better)
4.5 gallons double batch sparge at 190

1/4 teaspoon Wyeast Yeast Nutrient

1-15-2011--Good brew day, only a few things went wrong. I plugged the eye sight on the MLT because it's useless, but the plugged leaked and one of the hose clamps on the CFC broke, besides that everything went smoothly. With a little bit of play, Scott got the banjo burner cooking with some serious heat. Putting 12 gallons in with 30.5 lbs of grain just about fills the keggle.

Pre-boil gravity was 1.040, the post boil adjusted gravity was 1.085. Color looks good.
1-16-2011--Fermentation began before I fell asleep last night.
1-18-2011--Kegged. FG of 1.016. Big malt foretaste with a warming middle and a hop finish. Daddy likey.
1-25-2011--I really want to get this on tap. I am determined to drink the rest of the Happy 21 in the next two days. I think there might be like a gallon left
1-28-2011--Not fully carbed yet, but man oh man, I'm digging it big time! Big malty foundation with a nice hoppy punch.
2-1-2011--Had two pints today. Still not carbed enough to take a picture, but I really like it. Scott's was really cloudy, and I'm getting that a little, but only the first pint or two. Really, really good beer.
2-5-2011--A ton clearer. Took above picture and have been really enjoying it. This will be a PoorHouse favorite.