Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hefeweizen...oh Sweet, Refreshing Hefeweizen!----errrr. Bock or Dunkleweizen

Mike McClung and I finally found a time for us to brew together...we made a Hef.

4 lbs Pilsen Malt
6 lbs Wheat Malt

.6 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh @ 60 min
.6 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh @ flame out

Wyeast Bavarian Wheat Blend 3056

Whirlfloc @15 min
Wyeast yeast nutrient @15 min

1.15 quart water to grain
3.20 gallons of water @ 180 to start and mashed for 60 min, collected just over 2 gallons.
4 gallons of sparge @190, finished with just over 6 gallons.

7-14-2010--Everything went off without a hitch. We started a little late so I didn't finish cleaning up till 11:30 pm. Color looks good.
7-24-2010--Kegged. Looks a little light, but we'll see.
8-8-2010--Yeah, it's a bit light. I think I'm going to try to reboil adding some wheat LME and let it re-ferment. I'm sure it won't work, but it'll be better than tossing it without an effort.
8-16-2010--Boiled 3 lbs of wheat extract into around 2 gallons of the Hef, chilled and pitched the (suuper yeasty) rest of the hef. We'll see.
8-25-2010--Well. I kegged it (again). I tastes sweet still. I took a reading and it was at 1.020. I forgot to take one before I tried to re-ferment. There wasn't much airlock activity, but there is a good amount of yeast at both the top and the bottom of the bucket.
9-4-2010--Well. My Hef has turned into a Dunkelweizen or a Bock. It's good, but not great.

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