Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sally Hayes Summer Rye

Poorhouse Brewing personal creation!
Tag line: A sweet, sassy, and slightly phony little beer that's great to take to see the Lunts or neck with in a cab.

OG: 1.051
FG: 1.009
IBU: 29.5
ABV: 5.5%

7 lbs. 2-Row Malt
2 lbs. Rye Malt
1 lbs. White Wheat Malt
0.35 Flaked Corn (Maize)

0.5 oz Citra @ 60
0.5 ox Citra @ 5
(First time using these, I had a taste of an IPA with these and loved them...I'm kinda excited)

WYeast American Ale 1056

Whirlfloc Tablet @ 15ish
Yeast Nutrient @ 15ish

2.58 gal water for 60ish minutes
1.oo gal water for grain absorption for 15ish minutes
take first runnings
3.00 gal sparge
take second runnings

5-23-2010: Everything went as planned. John came over and we brewed twice in just over 6 hours.
5-27-2010: Well, that was weird. I was certain fermentation hadn't started yet due to the lack of bubbling, but I took a reading and it's at 1.008. I guess it's finished. Now all I have to do is drink the rest of the Dead Guy and I can keg it! Color is super light and the sample was pretty good.
6-19-2010: I don't know why, but my beers have been taking forever to carb up; oh well. The Sally Hayes is a nice, light tasting rye with a soft mouthfeel and a clean finish. I'm a tad disappointed in the citra hops, in that I didn't get the nice floral aroma I was after.The rye adds a small jab to the glans durring finish. It's good, but next time I'll bump up the wheat and double the citra. Good beer overall.

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